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Creating a Digitally Orientated and Customer-Centric Experience


    Andy Street
Managing Director 



  Tony Stockil

"As omni-channel shopping becomes pervasive, retailers who are embracing these trends effectively and adapting their model accordingly are gaining a competitive advantage. At a time when store-only retailers are capturing a growing percentage of their sales online, retailers must design their businesses from end-to-end for a new 50/50 world in which digital is no less important than physical assets. 

At the Conference I will be joined by a host of thought leaders from major UK retailers who will share their experience of building fully integrated omni- channel business models. I hope you will join me for what is sure to be a worthwhile use of your valuable time."


A HOLISTIC VIEW: How to promote an organisational culture that embraces omni-channel; ensuring full engagement and executive support, with change driven from the top

MOBILE INNOVATION: How to respond to changing customer behaviour with developments in mobile engagement

RE-EVALUATING THE ROLE OF THE STORE: How to optimise the role of stores to elevate the customer experience. What does the store of the future look like?

PROVIDING A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC EXPERIENCE: How to better understand your customer and re-shape your organisation to be more digitally orientated and customer-centric

SUPPLY CHAIN AND FULFILLMENT: How to improve how you serve your customers as they shop across channels

TECHNOLOGY ENABLERS: How to design your technology road-map and assess which opportunities hold the key to unlocking the full potential of omni-channel retailing


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